Human Rights in Yukon

The Yukon Human Rights Commission promotes equality and diversity through research and education and enforcement of the Yukon Human Rights Act.  If you feel you have experienced discrimination and would like to talk with someone, contact us.  If you are an employer, service provider or landlord and would like information on accommodations or human rights policies, contact us.

The Yukon Human Rights Commission assists both the complainant and the respondent and makes every effort to help settle complaints through mediation.

The complainant is the person who files a complaint. The respondent is the person or agency against whom the complaint is filed. 


If you feel you have been discriminated against, contact us to discuss the situation.  To learn about the kinds of complaints that are covered by the Act, visit Areas and Grounds. To learn how to file and resolve a complaint, visit Making a Complaint.


If someone has filed a complaint against you or your company, visit Responding to a Complaint.  For information about the complaint process and about the Commission’s mediation services that help parties to settle complaints, visit Responding to a Complaint.  

Did You Know?

The Yukon Human Rights Commission

  • Is independent from the Yukon Government
  • Promotes the objects of the Yukon Human Rights Act
  • Provides human rights training and education resources
  • Assists both the complainant and respondent 
  • Encourages and assists with settlement efforts

To learn more about Human Rights in Yukon, check out our Know Your Rights Booklet.