Teacher Resources

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The Yukon Human Rights Commission offers human rights presentations that can be tailored to your needs. The Commission provides training to individuals, businesses and schools. If you are interested, please contact the Commission by calling, emailing or visiting in our office. 


Yukon Human Rights Commission staff can provide you with information in response to a specific issue or a general inquiry. For example, staff consult with employers and groups on methods to foster an environment of equality and to reduce discrimination. If the Commission is unable to help, staff will direct you to other service providers, educators or agencies that offer relevant programs and services.


Commission staff provide a human rights, harassment, and ethical practices policy review service to ensure that policies are in compliance with the Yukon Human Rights Act.

Partnership initiatives

The Yukon Human Rights Commission actively engages in community initiatives and partnerships on the local, territorial and national levels.  We welcome opportunities to work with other Yukon organizations. Contact us to discuss your idea!

Dates significant to human rights and diversity

The Yukon Human Rights Commission specifically recognizes International Human Rights Day (December 10), and the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 21).  

The United Nations (UN) designates international days  to focus the world on the issues in which the UN has an interest and commitment. Plan or attend events that recognize and celebrate these dates.