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What is the Yukon Human Rights Board of Adjudication?

The Board of Adjudication is independent of the Yukon Human Rights Commission.

The information below is provided as part of the Commission’s mandate for public education about human rights in Yukon.

As part of the human rights complaint process, the Yukon Human Rights Commission may refer a complaint to the Human Rights Board of Adjudication, which will hold a hearing and make a decision as to whether a complaint is proven or not.  The Board of Adjudication is entirely independent of the Yukon Human Rights Commission and has a separate administration. The Board of Adjudication does not have its own website at this time. Hearings and decisions of the Board are public.

A complaint may be referred to the Board of Adjudication by the Commission in a number of situations:

  • Where a complaint has not been settled and an investigation has been done, and the complaint appears to have some merit
  • Where a complaint has not been investigated, but direct referral to the Board is appropriate because there are urgent circumstances requiring a speedy resolution, or the issue is a strictly legal one, or testimony under oath is the only way to establish what occurred

A Board of Adjudication is drawn from a panel of adjudicators who are appointed by the Legislature, and the Board will conduct a public hearing into the complaint. If the Board determines on a balance of probabilities that the complaint is proven, it can order the party who discriminated to stop the discrimination, to pay damages for financial loss caused by the discrimination and to pay compensation for "injury to dignity, feelings or self-respect". It can also make an order to remove the cause of the discrimination. A decision of the Board of Adjudication can be appealed on questions of law to the Supreme Court of the Yukon.  

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