About Us

Our Mission

The Yukon Human Rights Commission promotes equality and diversity through research, education and enforcement of the Yukon Human Rights Act.

Our Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018

Read about the Yukon Human Rights Commission's priorities for the next three years in our Strategic Plan 2015-2018.

Our History

The Yukon Human Rights Commission was established in 1987 to administer the Yukon Human Rights Act.

The Yukon Human Rights Commission:

  • is independent from the Yukon Government
  • provides human rights training and educational resources
  • assists both the complainant and respondent
  • encourages and assists with settlement efforts

The Yukon Human Rights Act

  • sets out the legal framework for protecting human rights
  • promotes and protects human rights in Yukon
  • establishes the Yukon Human Rights Commission and the Board of Adjudication